Francisco Guerra

PHP Development

I've developed a suite of tools from scratch using PHP & MySQL for everything from file manipulation, reporting platforms, process automation, and more.

I've created complete reporting backends to suit client's specific needs, even for very niche & very specific data. Whether it's a common solution or a niche solution that you're looking for, I can get the job done for you.

CSE Management

For the past 6 years, I've managed comparison shopping engine campaigns on the major engines (as well as some of the smaller, more niche engines).

Simply transforming datafeeds and having them conform to the specifications of the engines simply isn't enough. Doing so will ensure that all of your products will be listed, but unless you're running a branding campaign, this will definitely impact your ROI.

I've developed strategies across different verticals that are effective, and easy to understand from a client's perspective.

Online Marketing

Regardless of the mix of comparison shopping engine management, PPC management, search engine optimization, or any other marketing programs, the foundation of the knowledge is the same between each of the practices. A strong understanding of metrics ties all of the practices together, including search engine optimization.

Have strategies for specific search engine marketing programs been tailored to fit the individual programs' strengths?

Have specific actions & strategies been laid out for your campaigns?

Have those specific actions been communicated to you?

If the answer is no, contact me for a free consultation to see what I can do for you.